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Sam Gladstone
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Sam Gladstone This is hands-down the best single dollar I've ever spent. The demo perfectly walks the line of crustiness; it's not so raw that it becomes a lo-fi-dick-measuring-contest, while it's still beautifully filthy to the point of being furiously cathartic from start to finish. A relentless piece of work without a single wasted moment, the demo strongly displays the artists' ability to avoid any ingredients outside of the meat and potatoes. Positively stoked for more! Favorite track: Audrey Hepburnvictim.
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released July 12, 2014

Ben Morse - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
S. Smith - Lead Guitar
Sam Berg - Bass, Vocals
Mountain Jeff - Drums
All music recorded live in Worcester, MA by SLAG, June 8th, 2014
Vocals recorded June 8th and June 24th



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XATATAX Massachusetts

XATATAX is a raging blast of riff-heavy doom crust from the bowels of suburban Mass, dealing out lumbering swaggers and obscene punk/metal mixes meant to drive away the unworthy.

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Track Name: Isaiah 14:14
Where there is everything
I am nothing.
And where there is nothing else
I reign supreme.
I am omega,
The final catalyst.
My end song resonates
Where ever I loose my plagued scream.

I am
Lord of the abyss.
Leviathan and Kraken bow to me.
I am
Lord of all the Earth.
Justice waits on my decree.

The beast is nothing but a number,
A concept for the mind to perceive.
The beast is nothing but a number,
There is no Satan, only me.

I am
One with all I see.
This life, a trivial grain of sand.
I am
All evil that I know.
Darkness is made by mine own hand.

I enslave.
I command.
Worship me,
For I AM Man.
Track Name: Hollow Prophet
Slow, flamboyant lies,
Overt and assuming.
Wasted on the lifeless.
Pestilence exhuming.

The coward, the bigot:
Preaching to the ghosts of the damned.
Wretched, rejected
An echo of the call to regress.
Stabbing blindly,
stereotypical fascist.
Judging, empty.
Prejudiced usurper.

Nothing is sacred.

Won't submit to the whip,
Won't lay down where you trod.
I'd rather live my life as nothing
Than worship a corpse god.
Track Name: Fall of Midgard
.Living in exile for so many years...
These confines can hold me no longer.
I am a temple of hate
The reigns of my rage growing stronger.
There is no end to all of the pain
That I would be willing to cause,
To burn out all souls in the flames of revenge,
Perfected. Erasing all flaws.

Fighting to thrive
only a waste.
For this bitter taste.

None alive deserving to live,
An eternal cure for this plague.
And when the reckoning day rears its head,
No transgressions will be repaid.
I'll see the Valkyries coming for me;
Reject their awaited ascension.
I'll rain down terror on the heads of the gods.
Drowning in fire: the only redemption.
Track Name: Audrey Hepburnvictim
Bred to fail, but I will persevere.
This is the end result, and I won't lose myself.
Lies dismissed, a mental terrorist.
A martyr to the gods of righteous freedom.

A light to the dark,
Destruction at their weakest point.
Drop the depth charge.
Cut out their legs
And with the blood upon their heads anoint.
Drop the depth charge.

I'll survive with my mind
Even if my body dies
Track Name: Cultless
Disassociated bliss,
Remnants of a sacred oath,
Your oasis leaves grains of sand in my teeth,
A personal hell entraps me,
In grief!


Renewal was a wasted dream.
Nothing will rise from these graves
No matter how shallow.
So I will find no sanctuary
In the silence of the gallows.

In ill repute,
I sit alone,
scavenger of a barren home,
Infinite repression,
Internal Digression,
A hopeful conquest of ageless,

Inevitable blight,
Conquering my sobriety,
Leaving only desperation and myself,
Solitude engulfing this precipice of voids,
I find solace,
in Nothing…